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Native Plants of the Sligo Creek Watershed

This compilation of the native plants of the Sligo Creek Watershed is the most current and comprehensive flora of our watershed. We will be updating this list as new discoveries are made. Field observation and judgment inform the rankings in the 'occurrence' column and the location description in the 'habitat' column. The comments in the 'remarks' column provide key descriptive features to aid in plant identification. The botanical sequence and nomenclature follows Russell G. Brown and Melvin L. Brown, Woody Plants of Maryland, 1972, Port City Press, Baltimore, MD.

It is our sincere wish that this woody flora helps to increase people's awareness and appreciation of the native plants and habitats of the Sligo Watershed, leading to their conservation and restoration.
-- John Parrish and RG Steinman, May 2003

There is a total of 372 species in this inventory: 95 woody plants; 15 ferns; and among herbaceous plants, 75 monocots and 187 dicots.

John Parrish is a botanist/ecologist, specializing in botanical research and environmental education. He is the Vice President of the Maryland Native Plant society and a lifelong resident of Montgomery County. He recently published a compilation of the woody plants of Montgomery County in the botanical journal, Marilandica. RG Steinman is assisting John in the field work and compilation of the Sligo Creek Watershed Flora. RG and John work on behalf of the natural environment and speak out for the protection of our last remaining natural areas. Both reside in the Sligo Creek Watershed.

Salisbury List
(First Sligo Inventory, 1970-71)